Point-Of-Sale Fine Dining

IISS-POS System – Restaurant Fine Dining

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With IISS-Pos System

  • You can check data online 24/7 via web/mobile from inventory down to sales
  • You can adjust purchasing levels based on real-time data
  • You can quickly inquire per branch sales and inventory real-time using your phone
  • You can change price online using your phone / laptop anytime anywhere all branches
  • You can analyze sales history and adjust your purchase order based on seasonal trends.
  • You can check per category/sub category/shelves sales inventory real-time


Special Features

  • IISS-Pos is designed by our highly trained software architect for over 15 years of experienced in software developments.
  • IISS-Pos is a industrial software and designed in powerful open source computer language that runs in any environment ex. Linux Ubuntu, Mas OS, Oracle, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Windows OS
  • IISS-Pos is a customize software that cater in every clients’ needs
  • IISS-Pos is equipped with high level of security to protect your business
  • IISS-Pos is designed in such a way that technology evolution is taken into considerations
  • IISS-Pos is a very user friendly application and designed in high definition GUI using cascading style sheet(CSS)
  • IISS-Pos is a stand alone application built in a configuration with a speedy data synchronization across the network; real-time online 24/7
  • IISS-Pos is powered by Java technology the runs in almost 3 billion devices across the globe
  • IISS-Pos is equipped with a comprehensive sales and inventory reports
  • IISS-Pos is mobile ready application
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